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Third Transnational Meeting

Third Transnational Meeting

The third transnational meeting of our xPress Yourself project was successfully held in Liege, Belgium, hosted by Inforef.

At the meeting held on 19 and 20 January, the partner institutions evaluated the developments in the project.

All partner institutions evaluated the second output of the project, the “xPress Yourself” e-Platform and shared their ideas for finalizing it.

Eu&Pro talked about its work for the “xPress Yourself” e-Platform and introduced the features of the platform. It explained its work in the Inforef self-learning section. New tasks were distributed to partner institutions to enrich the content of the platform.

The training program sent by Academia Barcelona, which is involved in the project as an associated partner, for Virtual Training has been examined. The program has been accepted by all partner institutions. The dates of the virtual training have been determined.

Finally, it was decided that each partner institution would produce 5 digital stories.

The meeting ended with informing all partner institutions for the effective use of the remaining time of the project.

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