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Kick-off Meeting

Kick-off Meeting

The 1st Transnational Meeting (Kick-off Meeting) of our project was held in Prague, hosted by the coordinating institution Eu&Pro.

All partner institutions participated in the meeting. At the meeting, a general presentation of the project was made and questions about the project were answered. Duties and responsibilities for the execution of the project were shared and the issues related to producing the 1st output of the project were discussed.

The project partners, who had the opportunity to meet face to face for the first time due to the Covid-19 process, used the meeting effectively to strengthen communication and cooperation. All partner institutions gave valuable ideas and suggestions for the quality management of the project outputs and activities.

As the leader of the SYGD “The Non-Formal Training Set of Creating Digital Storytelling” output, it directed the partner institutions and accelerated the work to complete the output.

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